Aectual Studios Creates 3D Printed Fully Circular Furniture Consumer Products

Aectual Studios Creates 3D Printed Fully Circular Furniture Consumer Products

Aectual Studios, a platform for mass-customizable building and interior products, announced a new product line that is entirely circular and made of plant-based plastic, with a striking matte, ceramic-like appearance. The company designed a selection of 3D-printed room dividers and safety screens to offer a solution to the ad-hoc disposable plastic screens that clutter current work environments. Over time, screens can be shredded and reprinted into new panels, planters, or bookcases. The products were unveiled during Dubai Design Week, in the new Aectual Dubai Showroom.

Aectual Studios is the design label of architectural 3D Print company Aectual, a platform founded by architects.

and designers for architects and designers. Aectual Studios creates ‘product archetypes’ that users can customize to fit their taste, and aim to inspire architects and designers to develop novel product designs on their platform. Aectual delivers worldwide, its headquarters is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and its second location opens this week in the UAE during Dubai Design Week, where the 3D printed line of furniture will be first shown to the public.

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The company’s room dividers and safety screens are informed by a new aesthetic foundation of design made possible by the fluid and precise movement of 3D printing. Employing tactile materials and cyclic, gracious patterns, Aectual Studios introduces a softer yet expressive approach to interior solutions. Screens can be made entirely closed for full privacy or partially open and can be self-standing, hung like a curtain, or mounted as wall panelling. Their 3D dimensional structure has excellent acoustic properties.

Inspired by structural folding techniques, Aectual Planters feature a shell of undulating geometries that gradually intensify or fade out to create strikingly ornate forms. Planters can be sized to perfectly fit and elevate any space and favorite plants. All products are made-to-order in a select number of colors and can, if required, come in any NCS color upon request.

Experimenting with volume, light, and texture, the sculptural Book Totem is both a practical and playful home for books of varied sizes. Combining a large vertically waving surface on one side and small horizontal structural waves on the other create an experience that stimulates from all angles. Its skin demonstrates the tactile quality of the flax-based print material, soft to the touch and reminiscent of ceramic.

All products are part of Aectual’s circular product line. After use, Aectual takes back the products and recycles them into newly printed furnishings. Customers receive a deposit or reduction on their new purchase. Aectual actively drives sustainable manufacturing and offers sensible solutions for changing desires in spatial uses presenting a more flexible and fun approach to interior design.

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Author: Adam Strömbergsson

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