[Upgrade] Chained selection for material settings!

[Upgrade] Chained selection for material settings!

In the future, you won’t choose color/process which doesn’t belong to the material by mistake!

It’s a feature that should been realized so long time ago…

I know many of you were annoyed by the way you choose the color/process of a certain mateiral in our site: Sometime you want the black 3D printed nylon material and you chose it in the list, however we don’t have black nylon available, we just can’t make the color/process option tethered to the material…

But finally! We have rewritten the material selection logic and now you can select only the available color/process for specific mateiral, that will save you(and us) tons of time to change settings when the option you chose happens to be an invalid one.

Here’s how you use it:

Easy to use, isn’t it? Enjoy your creation!


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