ColorJet 3D Printed Animal Crossing Villager Sable the Hedgehog Sandstone Statue

ColorJet 3D Printed Animal Crossing Villager Sable the Hedgehog Sandstone Statue

Process 3D Print, Polish
Material Other
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 7 workdays


About Project

Sable the Hedgehog is built using ColorJet technology, which can create a colorful print directly without painting. The sandstone print has a relatively coarse surface, darker colors, and a lower resolution. And it's better for printing models with dark colors.


  • Step 1: 3D Modeling
    The client has some basics in 3D modeling and downloaded the models from the website The Models Resource: The client sent us three files that are necessary for full-color 3D printing:
    model file .obj, material file .mtl, and texture map file .png.
  • Step 2: Examination of the model
    There are some small problems with this 3D model.
    1) The apron is flat with no thickness, while ColorJet 3D printing needs a minimum thickness of 2mm.
    The client extruded the apron mesh and then it was thick enough.
    2) Some faces are not closed and the client mended them.
    3) The model has a low resolution so the print will have a low-poly style. The client accepted the effect.
    Our engineer helped her smoothen the surface to some extent.
  • Step 3: Quoting
    The size required by the client is: height: 70 mm, width: 43.5 mm, depth: 35.5 mm.
    The printing cost of the model in this size is: PolyJet 3D printing: $210, ColorJet 3D printing: $51.
    The client decided to print Sable with ColorJet technology.
  • Step 4: 3D Printing
    The stabs are too sharp to be printed with CJP technology, so some stabs are not very sharp. The client said it was okay.
  • Step 5: Finishing
    For the main body, you can choose Matte or Glossy finishes.
    We recommend a glossy finish by spraying a little UV oil. Too much oil would make it oily and disgusting.

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