DLP 3D Printed Ultra Detail Resin Sitting Buddha Statue

DLP 3D Printed Ultra Detail Resin Sitting Buddha Statue

Process 3D Print, Post Curing
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

Are you looking for a unique and exquisite gift for yourself or your loved ones? Do you want to add some zen and tranquility to your home or office? If so, you might be interested in our DLP 3D-printed ultra-detail resin sitting Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue is 15cm-high, and it is printed with DLP ultra detail resin, which is a high-performance material that can produce smooth and detailed models with excellent surface finish and accuracy. The resin has a salmon color, which gives the statue a warm and natural look.

The Buddha is sitting cross-legged, one hand near his belly and one hand stretching out, in a gesture of meditation and peace. The texture of his clothes, the ushnisha on his head, the sauvastika icon on his chest, and the facial features are all printed clearly and delicately, showing the fine details and craftsmanship of the 3D printing process.

The supports have not been removed, so you can appreciate the complexity and beauty of 3D printing. The statue does not need any polishing, and it still has a smooth and glossy surface, thanks to the high quality of the resin material.

This statue is not only a stunning decoration, but also a symbol of wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment. It can bring you a sense of calmness, harmony, and happiness, and inspire you to live a mindful and joyful life.

If you are interested in this statue, or if you want to customize your own statue with different materials, colors, sizes, or designs, you can contact FacFox through their website. FacFox can help you turn your ideas into reality, with their professional and affordable 3D printing services.


  • Step 1: A 3D model of the Buddha statue was created using 3D modeling software, and sent to FacFox for a quote with requirements of material and ideal finishing.
  • Step 2: The 3D model was sliced into thin layers using 3D printing software. The software also generated supports to hold the statue during the printing process.
  • Step 3: The sliced 3D model was sent to a DLP 3D printer. The printer had a vat filled with liquid DLP Ultra Detail Resin, which is a photopolymer that hardens when exposed to light.
  • Step 4: The printer projected an image of the first layer of the 3D model onto the bottom of the resin vat using a light source, such as a projector or a laser. The light cured the resin in the shape of the layer, forming a solid part attached to a build platform.
  • Step 5: The build platform was lifted up by one layer height, and the printer projected an image of the second layer onto the resin vat. The light cured the resin in the shape of the second layer, bonding it to the first layer.
  • Step 6: This process was repeated until all the layers of the 3D model were printed, creating a complete 3D object suspended in the resin vat by the supports.
  • Step 7: The printed object was removed from the build platform and washed with isopropanol to remove any excess resin. The supports were also removed using a cutter or a plier. The object was then cured under UV light to enhance its strength and durability.