Top 10 Thanksgiving STL Files to Decorate Your Home

Top 10 Thanksgiving STL Files to Decorate Your Home

The end of November is a perfect time for a family reunion with a festive dinner, delicious turkey, pumpkin pie, and other stuffing. You can already start thinking about Thanksgiving décor ideas to prepare for this holiday beforehand. If you are a fan of 3D printing and have a 3D printer at home, you can find various Thanksgiving STL files to decorate your table and home.

Being thankful for your family, friends, job, and life opportunities are something that warms the hearts of millions of Americans. It gives you so many hours of fun while crafting decorations, napkin rings, cookie cutters, turkey 3D printing models, and other holiday figurines.

Our selection of the best Thanksgiving 3D print ideas can guide you through the fall preparations for this outstanding day of the year.

There are so many sweet little things that can be 3D printed without problems, including puzzle toys and gift boxes. Such DIY Thanksgiving decorations will make your sweetheart happy.

Besides, your holiday table will look fantastic when you decorate it with models, which STL files you can download online. It can be cute wine charms, Thanksgiving table accessories, toothpicks, coasters, and other brilliant decorations.

10 Thanksgiving Décor Ideas You Can 3D Print

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has chosen only the most impressive projects you can turn into life this fall.

1. Thanksgiving Decor Gift Box 3D Print

Besides sharing food and family stories in a close circle at the festive table, it can be a great idea to prepare little gifts to your friends and relatives.

The gift can be a note where you explain what you are thankful for. And this note, or another little present, can be packed into a Thanksgiving décor gift box. There are many cute STL files you can find online, 3D print, and make yourself on a 3D printer.

Image source: Thingiverse

Your décor gift box can be shaped like a turkey or pumpkin. Click the link and download in Thingiverse.

2. Holiday Napkin Rings, Wine Charms, and Table Accessories

3D printing some cute table accessories and decoration can add the final touch on any Thanksgiving dinner, make it unique and impressive.

For example, you can craft turkey-shaped napkin rings. It is also possible to 3D print outstanding wine charms or to decorate the room with themed table place cardholders.

Image source: Thingiverse

Use your imagination and search for affordable STL files to make any dream come real this fall.

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3. Thanksgiving Cookie Cutters

Cookies are always delicious and must-have for any holiday. And while their shape does not influence the taste, it is still more fun to use themed cookie cutters for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Firstly, making turkey-shaped cookies can bring kids and parents together. Secondly, it is a lot of fun to choose your favourite models, download STL files and 3D print various shapes along with your family.

Image source: Thingiverse

Besides, everyone will be happy with the final result. Each cookie will look unique and remind of the many fantastic moments shared.

4. Turkey STL Files to 3D Print

Can you imagine real Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey? This bird is the symbol of this beautiful fall holiday. Thus, you might love to 3D print a cute souvenir to decorate your home or use as table décor.

Finding Turkey STL files is not a problem. Such a project is fast and smooth to 3D print. Once it is crafted, you can involve your children in painting it.

Image source: Cults

A bright and colorful bird can become your holiday-inspired centerpiece and improve the spirits of the whole family.

5. Thanksgiving Décor STL Files

With fall holidays, it is relatively simple to find beautiful décor to add amazing accents and make your family dinner special.

At the end of November, you can still use pumpkins, colourful fall leaves, turkey to decorate your home. All these pretty pieces are available in mass-market. But you can craft them yourself on a 3D printer. Such projects are more valuable to your heart, and they can let your family get together and have much fun while preparing for the holidays.

Image source: Cults

You can use Thanksgiving décor STL files to 3D print beautiful festive art projects.

6. Maple Leaf Candy Dish STL Files to 3D Print

Colorful maple leaves look attractive in the fall. They turn yellow, orange, red, crimson, and this colorful kaleidoscope can inspire you to 3D print something unique.

Using maple leaf candy dish STL files, you can craft a beautiful piece of art. Fill it with candies, your love, and gratitude to everyone you care for.

Image source: Thingiverse

This dish painted in autumn colors can be used throughout the fall. It is a gorgeous symbol of this season of the year.

7. Thanksgiving Drink Coasters and Toothpicks

Where do you rest drinks upon during a family dinner? Usually, people rely on coasters which protect the surface from spills and moisture.

It is incredible when you decorate your table according to the holiday theme. Thus, to 3D print cute Thanksgiving drink coasters is something fantastic and worth doing.

Image source: Thingiverse

Besides, you can craft holiday toothpicks to add more sweet details to the table and home décor.

8. Happy Thanksgiving Symbols 3D Printed

When you cook mashed potatoes, roast a delicious turkey, make a pumpkin pie, create stuffing and corn for your family dinner, you have no time to think about cute ornaments.

These eye-catching symbols of the holiday can be 3D printed ahead of time and set your mood on Thanksgiving Day.

Image source: Thingiverse

Crafting a cute edge-lit sign using STL files or 3D printing a holiday display is a neat idea. Such projects can include the famous “Happy Thanksgiving” wish or feature turkeys, pies, wishbones, pilgrim hats, and other recognized holiday symbols.

9. Turkey and Apple Puzzle Toy

While the dinner is cooked, you can challenge your little ones with fun puzzle toys. Creative designers always find a way to make something incredible and mind-challenging.

For example, this fall you can 3D print a cute turkey puzzle and apple puzzle toy for the holidays. Kids will enjoy putting the pieces together. If you choose to paint each piece into a different color, there will be even more fun for the gameplay.

Image source: Thingiverse

You can download turkey puzzle STLs and apple puzzle STL files to do this project.

10. Thanksgiving Lantern with Turkey Décor

It is possible to 3D print panels with turkey and fall decorations and makes a beautiful lantern.

While printing panels is simple, you still need skills when building your lantern. The final result is worth your time and efforts. Such a centerpiece will look amazing on your holiday table.

Image source: Thingiverse

You can download STL files with turkey and fall décor panels for a lantern.

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