Scudera Ferrari’s 3D printed cylinder block* drove F175 performance Additive Manufacturing

Scudera Ferrari’s 3D Printed Cylinder Block* Drove F175 Performance

We have been arguing on these pages that the incredible dominance of Mercedes in Formula 1 for the past decade was due in part to the team’s ability to heavily implement AM for both development and optimized parts (and we’ve had sources confirm this). We’ve also argued that Scuderia Ferrari’s failures during the past decade were due to the team’s reticence in adopting AM technology, especially in terms of reliability. Things seem to be turning around with the 066/7 power unit of the new F1 75 car for the 2022 season.

Stellantis gets cracking on AM with PEUGEOT 308 printed accessories Additive Manufacturing

Stellantis Gets Cracking on AM with PEUGEOT 308 Printed Accessories

The Stellantis group has been eyeing 3D printing for some time, especially through the activities of its French PSA (which includes PEUGEOT and Citroën) component. PSA has made deals with Divergent 3D and introduced experimental printed parts – even metal ones, – for Citroën cars. The Italian-Amerian side of the company, FCA, has been working on prototyping for over two decades, with the famous example of the Alfa Giulia’s front grill. More recently the company has been working with MJF technology for production components on its Jeep branded cars and other long-term conceptual projects. Now it’s all coming together with commercial MJF 3D printed accessories for the PEUGEOT 308.

Camozzi and Alfa Romeo F1 Partner on Advanced Manufacturing

Camozzi and Alfa Romeo F1 Partner on Advanced Manufacturing

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN unveiled a new partnership with the Camozzi Group, the global leader in the production of components and systems for high-tech industrial automation. The partnership, both a technological and sporting venture involving Sauber Technologies, is based on the two companies’ commitment to delivering excellence through cooperation and shared synergies.

Sauber Technologies and Additive Industries extend partnership AM Industry

Sauber Technologies and Additive Industries Extend Partnership

Sauber Technologies has extended its technology partnership with metal additive manufacturing leader, Additive Industries for a further three years. Sauber Technologies has been using Additive Industries’ MetalFAB platform for metal additive manufacturing (AM) since 2017, with a current count of four systems in-house as the company embarks on new, ambitious projects for third-party customers. Sauber Technologies is also part of the same group as Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN.

Czinger 21C 3D printed cars will be sold by H.R. Owen in the UK Additive Manufacturing

Czinger 21C 3D Printed Cars will be Sold by H.R. Owen in the UK

Czinger Vehicles is expanding its global reach, with H.R. Owen as its first international retail partner and exclusive Czinger dealer in the U.K. The alignment opens up the European market to the Los Angeles-based automotive brand as sales begin for its first production car, the pathbreaking 21C, a marvel of modern engineering which integrated dozens of 3D printed parts in its body structure.

Airtech 3D named as Brumos Racing Technical Partner Additive Manufacturing

Airtech 3D Named as Brumos Racing Technical Partner

Airtech Advanced Materials Group, a leading manufacturer of composite tooling solutions, has announced that it has been named a Brumos Racing Technical Partner. Airtech has teamed up with BBi Autosport to produce 3D printed molds and composite production parts for a newly updated Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport racecar, for the Brumos Racing team. Helmed by racing legend David Donohue, and brandishing the Brumos Racing livery, this state-of-the-art vehicle can be seen in competition at the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on June 26, 2022.

Honda reportedly had 3D models removed from Printables marketplace Legislation

Honda Reportedly Had 3D Models Removed from Printables Marketplace Legislation

According to a story first published by TheDrive, “all models referencing the word Honda posted prior to March 30, 2022, were seemingly removed from Printables without warning. These included speaker brackets, key housings, hood latches, shifter bushings, washer fluid caps, roof latch handles, and my trunk lid handle—a part not offered on 10th generation Accords sold in the U.S. at all. According to the author of the article, many of the removed parts had no Honda branding but were just compatible with Honda vehicles. As it turns out, Prusa says it was issued a takedown notice from Honda and removed all 3D models that referenced the brand.

EOS and Sauber Technologies sign three-year partnership on AM Additive Manufacturing

EOS and Sauber Technologies Sign Three-year Partnership on AM

EOS, a leading supplier of industrial 3D printing technology, and Sauber Technologies, the company devoted to bringing Sauber’s Formula One mindset and innovation to businesses all over the world, signed a three-year AM technology partnership at the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, last weekend. The partnership includes installation of a new EOS P 500 for polymer parts production.