Stratasys Direct and Xometry Partner to Offer New Nylon Materials and SLS 3D Printing

Stratasys Direct and Xometry Partner to Offer New Nylon Materials and SLS 3D Printing

On demand 3D printing service Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has linked up with global manufacturing marketplace Xometry to offer four new high-performance nylon material options to Xometry’s customer base.

Xometry customers are now also able to access Stratasys Direct’s Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing manufacturing capabilities, which have been made available with immediate effect on Xometry’s platform.

“We have built up the technical expertise and quality processes needed for the most demanding requirements in the world, which is why the world’s leading energy, aerospace, and automotive companies trust us,” said Rich Garrity, Stratasys Americas President.


Stratasys’ acquisition of Origin indicates the company’s commitment to the resin 3D printing market. Photo via Stratasys.

Two 3D printing powerhouses team up

After acquiring Harvest Technologies and Solid Concepts in 2014, Stratasys joined all of its rapid prototyping and manufacturing subsidiaries – including RedEye On Demand – under one division to form Stratasys Direct Manufacturing in 2015. Since then, the division has provided rapid prototyping and production parts equipped with one of the broadest portfolios of additive and conventional technologies of any service bureau in North America.

Providing serial production components for industries such as aerospace and energy, Stratasys Direct has produced more than 20 million parts and completed more than 30,000 projects to date. At the tail end of last year, Stratasys announced the acquisition of DLP machine manufacturer Origin in an agreement worth up to $100 million in cash and stock, indicating the company’s commitment to the resin 3D printing market.

Xometry was founded in 2013, and has since rapidly expanded its online marketplace thanks to a series of substantial investments in recent years which now total $193 million. Xometry provides a range of 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and design services via its network of production partners.

In August 2018, the company introduced its SLA 3D printing service in addition to launching a new high-definition version of its proprietary instant quoting engine. The new software platform allowed its users to see their designs in clear and precise detail, which provided them with improved manufacturability feedback.

More recently, the company has continued to grow its marketplace through the addition of ExOne’s binder jetting services, and has even launched its own credit card.

Xometry plans to reinvest its newly-raised capital in expanding its service and product portfolio. Image via Xometry.

High-performance SLS materials

As part of the newly-announced partnership, Stratasys is offering four high-performance nylon materials for SLS 3D printing through Xometry’s marketplace. The following material options are available immediately from Xometry’s platform.

The first, Nylon 11 EX, is a tough, impact-resistant nylon polymer that is white in color and often used within applications such as complex ductwork, thin-walled components, and snap-fit designs. Also available from Xometry will be Stratasys Direct’s Nylon 11 HST nylon material, which is comprised of mineral fiber to provide temperature resistance and stiffness. The material is popular for high-temperature structural components, enclosures, and load-bearing applications.

The third material Stratasys is offering through Xometry is Nylon 12 AF, an aluminum-filled composite nylon that provides strong and stiff parts with a metallic appearance. Nylon 12 AF is suitable for functional components, jigs and fixtures, and metallic prototypes.

Rounding up the offering is Nylon 12 CF, which is a carbon fiber-filled nylon material that boasts high strength and stiffness while providing resistance to high temperatures and wear. Nylon 12 CF can be used for applications including underhood components in vehicles and wind tunnel display models.

“Xometry is built to help lead the charge for the democratization of 3D printing and other manufacturing solutions,” said Randy Altschuler, CEO of Xometry. “A key component to improving accessibility and simplifying the sourcing of custom components is partnering with trusted suppliers like Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, whose expertise in SLS manufacturing is unrivaled.


A forming tool 3D printed using Nylon 12 material. Image via Stratasys.
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