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PrintStone 3D, a Dubai-based company specializing in 3D printing technology for construction, has received accreditation from the Dubai Municipality for the first 3D building system. This accreditation comes after the successful completion of the 3D printed Gate House in a residential community of one of the leading real estate developers in Dubai. The approved technical conditions for PrintStone’s 3DCP technology are valid for one year from the date of issuance.

“We are proud to be the first company with a 3DCP building method approved by Dubai authorities. Dubai, as a tech pioneer, is pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with 3D printing technology in construction and supports the development of this industry. Additive manufacturing in construction is considered to be an eco-friendly technology, minimizing labor and time of construction by at least 50% and reducing transport by 80%. This aligns with the UAE net-zero vision and we are happy to contribute to it. Printstone3D’s technology stands out as one the most reliable and cost-effective, providing developers with an unprecedented level of design freedom while staying cost-effective”, said Nickolay Kudryashov, CEO of Printstone3D.

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The Gate House project in Dubai’s Tilal al-Furjan residential community has become a symbol of innovation, pushing the boundaries of 3D construction printing technology. Spearheaded by developer Nakheel and executed by PrintStone 3D under the general contractor Ginco General Contracting, this project stands as a testament to the capabilities of cutting-edge construction methods. The technical intricacies were navigated under the expert guidance of Arif&Bin Toak. It marks a significant milestone in the realm of additive manufacturing construction in the UAE and contributes to the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy to establish Dubai as a leading 3D printing technology hub by 2030, with the aim of having 25% of buildings incorporating 3D printing technology.

At the core of the GateHouse lies a groundbreaking use of 3D construction printing technology, notably showcased in the creation of a building with an expansive canopy – a first of its kind globally. The engineering challenge presented by the canopy, nearly tripling the size of the building itself, demanded creative solutions and a meticulous approach to design and execution. Beyond the engineering complexities, the canopy construction involved strategic planning. Supporting columns doubled as structures for mounting the steel frame of the canopy. Decorative beams, designed for a visual impact, were 3D printed off-site, delivered, and installed atop the canopy, showcasing a fusion of aesthetics and engineering. This meticulous approach not only adds to the visual allure of the GateHouse but also serves as an inspiration for future projects seeking to strike a balance between form and function in the realm of 3D construction printing.

Designed as the control center for the Tilal al-Furjan residential complex, the Gate House consolidates a myriad of communications, including CCTV cameras, internet connectivity, and utility meters. Overcoming the challenge of accommodating more than 90 cables and pipes of varying functionalities and diameters in a confined space demanded precision in design and execution. The engineering challenge presented by the canopy, nearly tripling the size of the building itself, demanded creative solutions and a meticulous approach to design and execution.

The project utilized the S-300 construction printer produced by AMT (Additive Manufacturing Technologies), one of the world leaders in 3D printing equipment production. PrintStone3D is the official dealer of AMT in the UAE and GCC countries, providing printer supplies along with educational services for corporate clients.

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Author: Davide Sher

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