Photon Mono M5s 12K resin printer launched by Anycubic 3D Printer Hardware

Anycubic, a leading desktop 3D printing technology company, has launched the Photon Mono M5s, the company’s first consumer-grade 12K resin printer offering a leveling-free solution and a fast printing scheme.

10.1-inch 12K monochrome LCD screen

The Photon Mono M5s comes equipped with a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen featuring a 11520 x 5120 resolution – making it the first consumer-grade 12K 3D printer in the industry. This ultra-high-resolution screen allows users to print models with microscopic precision – down to 19μm. With a contrast ratio of 480:1, the printer captures the smallest details.

Leveling-free solution

As the first consumer-grade resin printer of its kind, the Photon Mono M5s employs mechanical sensors to automatically detect and adjust the fit between the print platform and the floating leveling module. This eliminates the need for manual leveling, which can lead to printing failures if not done correctly. This leveling-free solution not only simplifies the printing process for makers but also increases the printing success rate.

Enhanced printing scheme

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Anycubic has developed a printing scheme that triples printing efficiency – reportedly achieving an average printing speed of 105mm/h. The Photon Mono M5s’s increased print speed is made possible by incorporating the high-speed resin and a customized third-generation release film, alongside Anycubic’s upgraded Photon Workshop 3.1 software. This combination reduces printing time by up to 74%.

The release film, with its reduced release force, ensures a high printing success rate while minimizing release height and increasing lifting speed. Anycubic’s specially developed high-speed resin features low viscosity, which contributes to decreased exposure and curing time. The Photon Mono M5s’s optimized motion control ensures smoother lifting and lowering motions, further enhancing print speed.

Intelligent monitoring system

The Photon Mono M5s is equipped with a new intelligent monitoring system designed to ensure a high printing success rate. The system features three practical modules: hardware examination, resin detection, and printing detection. Before printing, the system checks that the screen, mechanical detection module, and motor are properly connected and functioning. The printer also verifies that there is enough resin in the vat for the selected model to avoid interruptions due to resin depletion. Throughout the printing process, the printer monitors progress in real-time, notifying users of any incidents through the Anycubic App.

Pricing and availability

The Photon Mono M5s 3D printer will be available on May 22, 2023. Early bird pricing starts at $399 in the US, and €399 in Europe. The early bird offer will be available for three days, from the release date.

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Author: Edward Wakefield

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