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Make3D, an Indian manufacturer of material extrusion 3D printers, released the new Pratham X affordable, large-volume, made-in-India 3D printer.

Previously Make3D had launched the Pratham desktop model and a selection of industrial-grade machines such as the Pratham 3.0 and Pratham 5.0. “We designed Pratham X, specifically to address the increasing demand for large build volume 3D printers,” a spokesperson from the company said.

Make 3D’s Pratham X 3D printer bridges the gap between small 3D printers to Industrial grade, larger volume 3D printers by providing features such as filament sensor, automatic bed leveling, and an all-axis ball screw mechanism. In the Pratham X model users can 3D print anything within 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 600 mm with a dimensional tolerance of +/- 200 microns.

The machine weighs 250 Kg and has relatively compact dimensions of 6 feet x 6 feet x 6 feet. When shipped with the accessories kit, it weighs 270 kg. Under the hood, you’ll find a powerful processor, ample RAM, graphics capabilities, and versatile storage options, ensuring that the Pratham X is a reliable and versatile 3D printing solution.

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“With Pratham X, we’ve expanded the boundaries of 3D printing, providing you with an even larger canvas for your creative projects and manufacturing needs with material compatibility PLA+, PRTG, and TPU materials.  We are providing an aluminum heat build platform for proper adhesion of 1st layer to achieve good dimensional accuracy and proper finishing of the surface and avoid warping issues,” the Make3D spokesperson said.

Make3D’s declared mission is “to Develop and provide ground-breaking high-performance 3D printing technology which enables individuals, engineers, students, and industrialists to turn their concepts into reality.

“We’re excited to introduce the Pratham X, a revolutionary addition to our lineup at Make3D. We believe that Pratham X is set to redefine 3D printing for engineering applications. In its price range, Pratham X stands out as the only 3D printer with a heated build plate, power failure job protection, filament sensor, Box for up to 3 kg filament, and Ball screw in all 3 axes. This lets you create larger, detailed parts with precision. This advancement lets you make bigger things, boosting your productivity and efficiency,” the company’s spokesperson said.



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Author: Davide Sher

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