Make Money with 3D Printed Camera Tripod Quick Release Plate

Make Money with 3D Printed Camera Tripod Quick Release Plate

3D printing is a technology that can create physical objects from digital models by depositing layers of material on top of each other. 3D printing can be used to create custom and innovative products, such as camera tripod quick-release plates, that can improve the functionality, performance, or appearance of your camera.

In this post, we will show you how to make money with 3D printing by introducing a case study of a designer who created a 3D-printed camera tripod quick-release plate for Sony A7C using 3D printing technology. We will also discuss the benefits of 3D printing camera tripod quick-release plates and outline the steps to make money with them.

The designer’s name is Dongjiu, and he has a master’s degree in industrial design from MFA. He is also a video blogger on the Internet. Dongjiu has designed many camera accessories, such as square lens hoods, battery storage boxes, camera quick-release platforms, desk headphone holders, key line detachable module USB ports, and more. In this post, we will introduce one of his creations.

The Problem: The Original Grip Design of Sony A7C

If you are a Sony A7C user, you may be familiar with the grip design of this camera. The Sony A7C is a compact and lightweight full-frame mirrorless camera that offers high performance and versatility. However, some users may find the grip design of this camera to be too small and uncomfortable to hold. The grip does not provide enough support and stability for the camera, especially when using heavy lenses or shooting for long periods of time.

The Solution: A 3D Printed Camera Tripod Quick Release Plate for Sony A7C

One designer decided to solve this problem by creating a 3D-printed camera tripod quick-release plate for his Sony A7C using 3D printing technology. His quick-release plate has a partially enveloping structure that wraps around the original grip and extends it. It has an ergonomic design that makes the grip easier and more comfortable to hold. It also adds some style and personality to the camera.

The quick-release plate also has a base part that is compatible with the Arca-Swiss Quick Release System, which is the most accepted quick-release system in the photography industry. This system allows the user to attach or detach the camera from the tripod quickly and easily by using a clamp and a plate. The user does not need to screw or unscrew the camera from the tripod every time they want to switch between handheld and tripod shooting.

The designer also considered the users who have camera skins on their Sony A7C, which add thickness of 0.2-0.4mm to the camera body. He revised his design for these users by making some adjustments to the dimensions and tolerances of his quick-release plate. He also offered different color options for his quick-release plate, such as white, beige, black, stone grey, and starry green.

The design did not interfere with the battery cap of the camera. The user can open the battery cap without removing the quick-release plate.

The designer used composite PLA as the material for his quick-release plate. Composite PLA is a type of PLA filament that is mixed with other materials, such as carbon fiber, wood, metal, etc., to enhance its properties. Composite PLA is lightweight and strong enough to support the camera and the lens. It also has a smooth and matte surface that matches the camera’s appearance. If there are some scratches on the surface, the user can repair them by quickly using a lighter to lick them.

The designer used an online 3D printing service to print his quick-release plate, as he did not have access to a 3D printer that could handle composite PLA material. He chose a service that offered high-quality printing, fast turnaround, and reasonable price.

The Benefits: Improved Holding Feel and Functionality of the Camera

The designer was very satisfied with his 3D-printed camera tripod quick-release plate. He said that it improved the holding feel and functionality of his camera. He also received many compliments and inquiries from other Sony A7C users who saw his quick-release plate and wanted to buy one for themselves.

Some of the benefits of his 3D-printed camera tripod quick-release plate are:

  • Comfort: He can hold his camera more comfortably and securely with his quick-release plate. He can also shoot for longer periods of time without feeling tired or sore.
  • Stability: He can attach his camera to any tripod or quick-release platform that supports the Arca-Swiss system. He can also switch between handheld and tripod shooting more easily and quickly.
  • Aesthetics: He can customize the color and appearance of his quick-release plate to match his camera and personal taste. He can also show off his creativity and skill to other camera enthusiasts.

The Results: Making Money with 3D Printed Camera Tripod Quick Release Plates

The designer decided to sell his 3D-printed camera tripod quick-release plate online through various channels, such as social media, blogs, websites, online marketplaces, etc. He set a fair price for his quick-release plate and offered various payment and delivery options to his customers. He also provided customer service and feedback to improve his reputation and loyalty.

He was able to make money with his 3D-printed camera accessory by using his creativity and skills. He identified a problem that many Sony A7C users faced and came up with a solution that was innovative and practical. He used 3D printing technology to create his accessory with high quality and efficiency. He also marketed and sold his accessory to other Sony a7c enthusiasts who appreciated his design and craftsmanship.

The designer’s 3D printed camera tripod quick-release plate for Sony a7c attracted a lot of attention and demand from other camera users. He received requests to customize his accessory for different camera models, such as Nikon ZFC, Sony ZV-E1, Olympus EM53, Fuji XT3, and more. He used his 3D modeling software and his online 3D printing service to create various versions of his quick-release plate that matched the size and shape of these cameras, and expanded his customer base and increased his income.


This is just one example of how a designer can make money with 3D printing camera tripod quick-release plates. There are many more possibilities and opportunities for creating custom and unique accessories that can enhance your photography experience and help you capture better shots from anywhere. You can also use 3D printing technology to experiment with different shapes, colors, and functions for your accessories. You can also design your own accessories from scratch or use online platforms or software to create them.

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We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy 3D printing!

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