Innocrete3D debuts 3DCP offering in the UK Construction 3D Printing

Innocrete3D, a young 3D construction printing (3DCP) company based in the UK, is set to provide the country with more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective construction solutions by not only providing affordable building themselves but also serving as a trusted reseller of CyBe Construction, a market leader in construction 3D printing technology. By entering into a reseller agreement with CyBe Construction, Innocrete3D has become the first official reseller in Europe.

The company is leveraging 3DCP to bring optimized affordability and sustainability to the country’s building sector – from artificial reef projects and affordable homes to formwork solutions for infrastructure development. The startup not only specializes in providing high-quality 3D construction printing, but also serves as a trusted reseller of 3D printing machines, materials, and technology consultancy services. With its vision extending beyond traditional construction methods and offering solutions for the entire industry, Innocrete3D’s commercial debut marks a significant step towards sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective construction practices in the UK.

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Though Innocrete3D only made its commercial entry into the market this month, the team has been 3D concrete printing for many years already. Before its market debut, the company had been optimizing its printing capabilities for speed, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

The company’s technology is provided by CyBe Construction, a Dutch construction company with over a decade of experience in developing 3D concrete printing hardware, software, and materials. Leveraging its hundred-year legacy in the construction industry, CyBe understands the problems in modern construction – and how 3D printing can solve them. By offering Building as a Service (BaaS), CyBe has been able to transfer this extensive expertise to Innocrete3D, which is tailoring building solutions specifically for the UK market.

Innocrete3D has garnered interest on a worldwide scale, with affiliates ranging as far as the Middle East. The company has also attracted the attention of various stakeholders in Dubai, who are expressing interest in having diverse projects printed by Innocrete3D. In the UK, countless potential customers are reportedly showing interest in Innocrete3D’s 3DCP, for which the first designs are already emerging. These models include retaining walls, outdoor furniture, and combined workplace and sanitary buildings.

By entering into a reseller agreement with CyBe Construction, Innocrete3D has become the first official CyBe Reseller in Europe.

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Author: Edward Wakefield

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