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According to Emirates News Agency (WAM), the Dubai Municipality has introduced the world’s inaugural certification and conformity marking system for 3D printing within the construction sector. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of concrete mixes in Dubai-based factories and streamline related processes.

This move bolsters Dubai’s reputation as the pioneer in adopting conformity standards for 3D printing in construction, furthering its commitment to innovative and sustainable construction methodologies.

“The certification and conformity mark system for factories and entities operating in the field of 3D printing for construction has been comprehensively established in alignment with Dubai Municipality’s proactive vision. This system embraces international best practices to provide exceptional services to both individuals and the community, thereby enhancing Dubai’s global reputation and aligning with Dubai Municipality’s strategic objectives outlined in Dubai’s 2030 Plan. Additionally, the system supports Dubai’s 3D printing strategy, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai. The strategy aims to utilize technology for the advancement of humanity and position the UAE and Dubai as prominent regional and global hubs for 3D printing technology,” said Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality. “The new system is anticipated to make significant strides in the efforts to streamline practices and procedures for 3D printing and enhance the quality of concrete mixes used in licensed factories.”

Alia Al Harmoodi, CEO of the Environment, Health, and Safety Agency at Dubai Municipality, emphasized that the system primarily assesses product and raw material quality, equipment and machinery efficiency, sets technical manufacturing standards, and ensures optimal factory management systems.

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“In line with its efforts, Dubai Municipality included an integrated guide on its website featuring four chapters that cover the key requirements to be met by factories and entities engaged in 3D printing for the construction sector. The guide, which has a flexible and relevant design, sheds light on various methods and technologies of manufacturing concrete used in 3D printers, while also considering different components and specifications of materials used by companies,” said Al Harmoodi.

Dubai Central Laboratory, backed by its team of professionals, will oversee this system, focusing on product evaluation, audits, lab testing, and granting conformity certificates based on established guidelines.

Historically, the Laboratory has formulated numerous certification and quality marking systems – significantly improving product quality and safeguarding consumers in Dubai. This encompasses certifications for ready-mix and precast concrete factories, along with cement and chemical additive facilities.

Incorporating advanced technologies like 3D printing in construction leads to fewer errors, less resource wastage, and expedited project completion with reduced labor.

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