Characters, Decorations and Other Models for Animal Crossing 3D Print!

Characters, Decorations and Other Models for Animal Crossing 3D Print!

Bring your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island into the real world! Read on for our list of the most adorable Animal Crossing 3D prints.

Animal Crossing is a video game series created by Nintendo back in 2001, with many iterations since for different consoles. The game was first released for Nintendo 64, and became widely popular during the GameCube era. The latest release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has been rediscovered by many on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the adorable graphics and calming gameplay.

The game essentially requires players to develop an island, which starts out looking pretty much the same as all the others, and making it as personalized as desired. There are many ways in which your island can be unique: Each island naturally grows its own flowers and fruits, and to get new ones you must trade with friends, which is another attractive quality of the game. You can also earn different gifts from villagers, who also vary from island to island.

One of the most outstanding things about the latest release is the clean, aesthetic, pastel-colored graphics. It’s such a beautiful game that it’s not surprising that fans have brought the game’s graphics into reality, thanks to 3D printing.

If you want to bring your Animal Crossing world to life but don’t have the setup to print yourself, check out FacFox’s 3D Printing Service. With professional partners around the world shipping straight to your door, you’ll be building a 3D island in no time.


One of the most adorable things about the game is its characters. As mentioned before, the characters vary from island to island and each island is unique for every Nintendo Switch.

There are many different characters with different personality types. Some are common, others are pretty rare to get, but here we’re presenting the best ones to 3D print!

Jeremiah – by FacFox

Jeremiah is a blue lazy frog, friendly, and easy to get along with due to his laid-back lifestyle.

The 8cm statue is modeled and 3D printed for one of our coworkers. It’s printed in full color with Stratasys J850 3D printer, which means the print can perfectly present the color on the 3D model. Welcome to use our PolyJet 3D printing service!

Here are other statues we’ve made recently, but the client does not want to share the 3D model. Here are some photos just for appreciation.

Timmy & Tommy – by 潘海宁

Timmy and Tommy are Animal Crossing characters who work in the town’s store. They’re both raccoons and apprentices of Tom Nook (we’ll get to him next). In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Timmy is useful for buying and selling items, while Tommy walks around giving tips.

These models come in two separate files and can be printed along with the Nook’s Cranny, which we’ve included later in the list.

Both will require supports, but be very careful when removing them as the models are quite small.

Tom Nook – by TroySlatton3D

Toom Nook is one of the most, if not the most, important characters in Animal Crossing. Originally he managed the town shop, but in New Leaf he opened Nook’s Homes, a real state agency, while Timmy and Tommy took over the shop.

More recently, in New Horizons, Tom Nook became the owner of Nook Inc., which runs many businesses across the island. He’s basically the leader of the island as he is the task giver and island upgrader.

This model has 884 downloads on MyMiniFactory. It will require supports and a minimum of 10% infill is recommended.

Isabelle – by Jaons

Isabelle is a special character who debuted in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Special characters are those who work in the stores, museums, and other town buildings. As such, everyone sees the same special characters. Isabelle is a dog who, in New Leaf, worked as the secretary of the town’s mayor (the player).

In New Horizons, she starts by working for Nook Inc., but if the player advances enough, a Town Hall will be built for the player and Isabelle takes on a role similar to that in New Leaf.

As with the other characters, you’ll probably need supports for a successful print.

Raymond – by skelei

Raymond, unlike the previous characters, is a villager instead of a special character, which means he lives on the island but doesn’t work in any of the businesses. This well-dressed cat is a new character that was introduced in New Horizons.

Villagers can have many personality types, which offer different advantages. Raymond is smug, which is the least common personality type in the game. He’s very polite and will generally get along with you and most other villagers.

You’ll need to activate supports, and it’s recommended to print with a 0.12-mm layer height.

Marina – by skelei

Marina is an octopus villager with a “normal” personality, which means she’s kind to the player and mostly not opinionated. Her name refers to the fact that she’s a sea creature, and her hobby in New Horizons is music, which means you will usually find her singing in the plaza, near a stereo, or while staring at her reflection in the water.

It’s recommended to use both a brim and supports.

Player Avatar – by Vanguard3000

In Animal Crossing, the player is the only human avatar to be found on the island, with the exception of other players who might be visiting. A curious fact is that all players have a mom and dad who occasionally send letters, so while they’re never seen, it’s assumed there must be other humans out there.

Players are highly customizable and the one shown here is only a taste of all that’s possible. Some careful painting will make your 3D avatar look just like in the game!

It requires supports and a raft. It’s recommended to use a high infill density because the neck is quite slim, so it should help you avoid accidentally decapitating your model!

Houses and Furniture

Aside from the villager house, which you get as you advance and make more villagers want to move to your island, there are seven buildings and facilities that you can get in the game. Some you have from the start, and others you’ll unlock as you advance in the game. Some, like Resident Services, you unlock when you get three new villagers to move into your island, and others, like the airport, are available from the start.

We’ve gathered here four of the best structures from the game so that you can print your own IRL Animal Crossing island.

Player Starter House – by hellorocio

In Animal Crossing, the house is the player’s main building, which they can expand and personalize as they go. Before getting the Resident Services, the player must live in a tent, but once this building is unlocked, the house can be bought from Tom Nook through a mortgage plan. When the mortgage is paid, the player can then expand their house, even customizing details like the type of roof it has.

It prints in two parts, with the roof designed to snap to the walls, and you’ll need supports activated.

Advanced Player’s House – by Keegan

This is one of the many ways in which you can personalize your house once you’ve advanced in the game. As can be seen in the image, you can expand the size, change the roof, door, and windows. In the game, you must pay Tom Nook through the post office to expand your house.

Some parts of the model require supports. It’s noted by the creator that if you scale it down, some details might become too fragile.

Outdoor Picnic Set – by hellorocio

As you expand your island, you can create many different structures, sculptures, and spaces to hang out in, such as this beautiful picnic set. This design has 15 files to print, including a tablecloth-covered table and many foods and decorations. There’s even an adorable bike with a basket!

Some parts of the model will need supports.

Nook’s Cranny – by 潘海宁

Nook’s Cranny, which we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, is a very important building in the game. This is where you can get most of your furniture, seeds, DIY recipes, and tools that you need to advance your village. Once you upgrade from a tent to a house, you can talk to Timmy inside the Resident Services and, once you bring him the materials, Nook’s Cranny will be built.

The walls are printed separate from the roof, as well as the sign and the side shed.

Switch Accessories

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released exclusively for Nintendo Switch, so it would make sense that people who play the game will also have a Switch ripe for customization. Here, we’ve gathered some Animal-Crossing-themed accessories to keep your Nintendo Switch in top shape, and to enhance your gaming experience.

Joy-Con Grip – by sunballer

A Nintendo Switch is an attractive device because it can be used as a portable console for a single player, or it can be plugged into a screen to play with friends. If, however, you want to play by yourself with your Switch connected to a screen, this Joy-Con adapter will come in very handy. It’s available with the Animal Crossing leaf, the gyroid, or the Dodo Airlines logo.

If you have any issues with fit, the creator recommends not forcing your Joy-Cons into the grip, and instead scaling to 103% to allow more room. The file can be printed without supports, but you might prefer to use them to be on the safe side.

It was originally printed with Elegoo resin, but other makers have successfully printed with PLA.

Switch Lite Charging Stand – by TheFronk

The Nintendo Switch Light is a less expensive version of the Switch that’s available in many colors. With the Lite, you’ll get a portable handheld console with access to games designed for Switch. However, the Joy-Cons aren’t removable and you can’t connect to a screen.

As the Lite is only charged via cable, rather than with a dock like the regular Switch, having a charging stand comes in handy. With this stand, you can leave your Nintendo Switch Lite charging in a safe place. Print it in a fun color to match (or clash with) your Switch Lite!

This model has 10 Makes in a huge range of colors. There’s also a Remix that widens the stand to fit a regular Switch.

Joy-Con Grip and Stand – by Bassgamer

This is a different model of Joy-Con grip, which mimics the original grip designed by Nintendo, but holds the Joy-Cons at a steeper angle so it’s more comfortable. This design includes small supports in the back so it can stand on its own, and it also has the Animal Crossing leaf to show off your favorite game.

This model has three Makes, which all look to be of very good quality. As with the previous Joy-Con model, it’s recommended to scale the model up slightly to avoid the fit being too tight.

Decorations & Accessories

Because you can never have too much Animal Crossing in your life, we’ve gathered here the most interesting Animal-Crossing-inspired accessories so that you can print and sprinkle them into your everyday life. From keychains to planters, these accessories will show off how much of a gamer and a maker you truly are.

Dodo Airlines Keychain – by sunballer

Dodo Airlines is a building in Animal Crossing that’s run by (you guessed it) two dodos called Orville and Wilbur. Providing a service that allows players to visit other islands, this building is in the game from the start. It doesn’t have to be unlocked, and its location is fixed.

This keychain, which has the Dodo Airlines logo in it, comes in two options, one small keychain with only the bird, and one bigger keychain with the full logo.

This model has one shared Make, and it should be quick and easy to print.

Fossil Box – by NanoCodeBug

A feature introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to find and collect fossils and showcase them in a museum. When a fossil is first found, it appears as a blue piece of rock with an ammonite and stars engraved on them, which means the fossil is unidentified. It’ll remain like this until it’s been assessed, which can be done by sending the fossil to the Faraway Museum to be studied.

It’s compatible with dual extrusion, but it can also be printed as separate pieces with a single extruder and then glued together.

Gyroid Planter – by jcohen313

Gyroids are furniture items in Animal Crossing, even though they may not seem so. They are peculiar in that they cannot be bought or crafted, they are instead found buried in random places, and each gyroid found is different from the others in sound and shape.

Gyroids are valuable items to sell in the game, but you can also place them in a room, which will pump up your HRA score. HRA stands for Happy Room Academy, a rating of the design displayed in your house.

It needs supports for the arms, and it’s recommended to use a minimum infill of 15%.

Leaf Keychain – by MrRadio

The leaf bitten by a worm is perhaps the most representative symbol from Animal Crossing, which is curious because it doesn’t appear on the logo. However, as evidenced by previous items on this list, the leaf can be seen in almost every branded item. As such, it makes a subtle but representative keychain, to mark you as a fan of the game, while also displaying your 3D printing capabilities.

It’s quite simple to print and it doesn’t need any supports.

Pocket Vintage Camper – by ehdrien

The vintage camper is a miscellaneous item that was introduced in New Horizons, which can be unlocked if you link the game to Pocket Camp, the free mobile game. You can buy it at Nook’s Cranny for 1,500 bells, and you can choose from 6 options, which you can then also customize.

It’s more complex than it looks! The model is made up of 11 files, some of which need supports, and which will have to be meticulously assembled after printing and post-processing.

Author: Lauren Fuentes

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