Black Buffalo 3D bringing construction 3D printing to the Caribbean Construction 3D Printing

Construction 3D printing firm Black Buffalo 3D is partnering with Innova Homes Limited, a Trinidad and Tobago-based property development company to bring its technology to the region. Through their agreement, Black Buffalo 3D’s machines will be used to print homes and the companies will create a construction 3D printing training program for students and workers. On top of that, Innova will become a distributor and servicing agent for Black Buffalo 3D in Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, and offer support to the Caribbean and South America.

Black Buffalo 3D NEXCON Printer Z-Axis.

Black Buffalo 3D’s construction 3D printing platform, NEXCON, is a gantry-based system capable of building the walls for homes measuring 40 x 40 feet in just 30 hours using specialized concrete materials that are mixed and printed on-site. With the walls printed, conventional roofing, plumbing and mechanical and electric systems can be added. According to the company, its printed structures are strong and durable, even exceeding the properties of manual CMU block constructions.

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The partnership with Innova Homes will seek to address regional housing issues, in which developers are struggling to meet demand for affordable high-quality housing. Construction 3D printing could facilitate the construction of these much needed builds.

“Our team has been following the growth of the 3D construction industry globally for years and we are excited to pioneer the introduction of the technology hand in hand with the Black Buffalo 3D team to bring their equipment and innovative building methods to our region,” said Andy Salandy, CEO Innova Homes Limited. “With 3D technology, Innova will provide not only [provide] quality affordable housing, but also middle income and luxury custom building solutions to the people of the Caribbean and South America.

, CEO at Black Buffalo 3D, echoed the same enthusiasm about the partnership: “When our teams met over a year ago, we each recognized synergies in our goals to provide attainable housing and infrastructure to areas in need. Team Innova has the experience not only in building homes, but also in constructing the necessary infrastructure to create communities which made them a perfect partner.”

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Author: Tess Boissonneault

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