ActivArmor and Fusion3 offer in-clinic custom 3D printed cast fabrication Medical

Biomedical technology company, ActivArmor, through its partnership with US-based 3D printer manufacturer, Fusion3, is expanding its distribution model to bring the company’s hygienic, waterproof, plastic custom cast fabrication directly into hospitals and clinics across the country.

ActivArmor’s 3D printed casts are the only sanitizable cast on the market – which allowed patients to wash their hands during the Covid-19 pandemic. These next-gen casts are entirely customized – precisely fitted to each patient using a body scan, and designed per the doctor’s prescription to include the ability to expose post-surgical hardware or incisions, and to be adaptable for use with ultrasound and other advanced technologies.

Doctors and therapists prescribe ActivArmor orthoses for injuries such as breaks, sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Charcot Foot, through their website and in top orthopedic clinics across the country. These clinics include St. Luke’s Medical Center, Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, Alpine Orthopedics, iOrtho, Central Indiana Orthopedics, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, to name a few.

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ActivArmor and Fusion3’s partnership began in 2016. Since then, Fusion3’s 3D printers have provided a majority of ActivArmor’s in-house production capabilities.

With this new phase of expansion, ActivArmor seeks to decentralize production and offer a complete in-house, on-demand 3D fabrication capability to hospitals and orthopedic clinics. A new integrated package of hardware and software, including Fusion3’s EDGE 3D printer, enables a physician to scan a patient’s injury, custom-design the cast, and print it on-site in a matter of hours.

“Fusion3 is our supplier of choice for this game-changing project. Fracture-care patients need casts that are protective, strong, safe, and fast,” said Diana Hall, CEO of ActivArmor. “We chose Fusion3 as our partner because ease-of-use, consistency, speed, and reliability are essential to the adoption of a new technology in the traditional casting space.”

“Fusion3 is excited to support ActivArmor in this next phase of their expansion. The ActivArmor casts and splits are fantastic, semi-custom products that leverage the unique capabilities of our 3D printers:  the ability to deliver a large, strong part quickly using engineering-grade materials, day in and day out, as part of a  mission-critical application. We believe both medical providers and patients will find the ActivArmor in-house production solution to be a game-changer,” commented Chip Royce, CEO of Fusion3.

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Author: Edward Wakefield

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