3D Systems, Axtra3D, and Oqton forge alliance to boost dental 3D printing with next-generation solution

In a collaborative effort, Axtra3D, Oqton, and 3D Systems have introduced a new dental solution aimed at meeting the complex requirements of dental laboratories at Formnext 2023.

Incorporating Axtra3D’s Lumia X1 printer, this alliance combines Hybrid PhotoSynthesis and TruLayer technologies, Oqton’s AI-powered automation, and 3D Systems’ NextDent materials. The result is a dental solution aspiring to elevate industry standards, delivering superior surface quality, unparalleled repeatability, high throughput, expedited onsite service, predictive maintenance, and premium materials. This infusion of novel technology into dental laboratories enhances precision and manufacturing quality.

“We’re pleased to officially recognize Axtra3D as a trusted partner amongst a host of forward-thinking industry leaders,” said Kris Wouters, General Manager – Healthcare, Oqton. “This partnership will answer to the growing need for scalable efficiency in dental laboratories while respecting the quality and traceability requirements and providing peace of mind to all teams involved.”

The Axtra3D Lumia X1. Photo via 3D Printing Industry.

Elevating dental 3D printing and streamlining production processes

Extending beyond dental solutions, the combined proficiency of Axtra3D and Oqton enables production automation and fleet management, catering to diverse applications like connectors and direct print manufacturing. This collaborative strategy is designed to meet the varied needs of dental laboratories and related industries.

Highlighting its distinctive feature, the dental solution incorporates premium materials, underscoring its pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality of printed parts. This focus on quality guarantees that dental labs can uphold the highest standards of patient care. Axtra3D is dedicated to delivering timely onsite service, aiming to minimize downtime for dental labs. The integration of predictive maintenance further reduces unplanned disruptions, fostering the long-term sustainability of dental lab operations.

At the tradeshow, Axtra3D exhibited parts printed with 3D Systems’ NextDent materials, showcasing the capabilities of this collaborative effort. Through a practical demonstration, the company effectively illustrated the quality and potential impact of this joint effort.

NextDent Cast. Photo via 3D Systems.

Improving the dental 3D printing landscape

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B9Creations launched its dental 3D printers, the B9 Dent XL, and the upcoming B9 Dent Lab, accompanied by specialized resins. Developed by real dental technicians’ input, the comprehensive solution includes dental-specific CAM software and versatile materials for various indications, along with automated post-processing units. Having accumulated nearly a decade of experience as a technology partner in the dental industry, B9Creations is recognized for its regulatory-compliant 3D printing solutions.

Microscale 3D printer manufacturer Boston Micro Fabrication entered the dental sector with UltraThineer, “the world’s thinnest cosmetic dental veneer.” Using projection micro stereolithography (PµSL), the 3D printed veneers are three times thinner than traditional ones, reducing preparatory steps. Anticipated to enter the U.S. market in spring 2024 pending FDA evaluation, UltraThineer veneers, at 100 µm thickness, require minimal tooth preparation, conserving enamel. Peking University School of Stomatology’s Professor Sun Yuchun highlighted the technology’s painless enhancement, reduced sensitivity, wear, and aesthetic improvements, setting it apart from traditional ceramic veneer techniques by eliminating the need for extensive tooth reduction.

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B9Creations announces limited release of novel dental 3D printing solutions: By integrating feedback from real dental technicians, B9Creations has created a comprehensive solution, encompassing intuitive, dental-specific CAM software and high-performance materials designed for a wide range of indications, along with automated post-processing units. With nearly a decade of experience as a technology partner in the dental industry, the company has deployed patented technology in thousands of white-labeled, regulatory-compliant, turnkey 3D printing solutions that feature customized hardware and software. B9Creations is now adopting a more direct approach, actively seeking customers and new partners to participate in its limited market release.

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