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How To Work With Us

Improve your products’ performance by taking full advantage of the strengths of hybrid manufacturing methods and cutting-edge equipments. Our consulting service in additive/substractive manufacturing, design and engineering supports you on design for prototypes, redesign for mass production. Our goal is to help you manufacture parts with the best quality/price ratio and optimized solution. Our unchallenged experience and workflow enables us to produce custom prototypes and end products in as fast as 24 hrs.

Why We Stand Out

50+ Materials

From metals to rubber, plastics to sandstone, and everything in-between.



From designing, 3D printing to the final surface processing, you name it, we will make it as you wish!


Economy Plan

Optimized making & shipping solution for your unique request, even cheaper than native makers!

Mass production

3D printing or injection molding, quality is guaranteed from 1 to 10000 parts.


Quality Control

Experienced indultrial production and professional post processing, refund for the broken or bad parts.


Premium 3D Analysis

Send your file in various format. We’ll manually check & repair any issue on your 3D file and give you feedback.

Pro Tech Support

Don’t know the material? Experts will provide optimized solution.


Fast Response

Respond to your inquiry in average 15 minutes, finish 3D printing in 1-3 days, turnaround time in 5 days.


Security Protection

All the data are secured and permanently deleted after the order completion due to our privacy policy.
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