COVID-19 Aid Program

We provide assist as much as we can to fight disease together!

Same world, same breath

We strive for a better world, now with people suffering from COVID-19, we all held responsible to help. Let’s do our best to aid those in need

Let’s help cure the world

A few things we can achieve together.

3D Print Donation

We connect over 3,000 3D printers, list your donation request of COVID-19 3D printed medical parts, we will donate them to you.

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Special Discount

For COVID-19 related 3D printing medical treatment project, we offer up to 30% discount for SLA Generic Resin material.

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General Discount

During the epidemic, we want you to keep business continuity, please take our 7% discount to boost your development remotely.

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Customer Caring

We sterilize every part before shipping, and we will send 1 medical mask per package for protection.

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CrowdSource Donation Hub

Here you can submit donation request for 3D printed medical parts, or purchase request for regular medical equipments. You can also submit your 3D printing capability so we can assign donation jobs to you.


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