[Feature]: Visualized Instant 3D Printing Cost Estimator

[Feature]: Visualized Instant 3D Printing Cost Estimator

What we are about to bring you is an exciting new feature, which might save your day from time-consuming file uploading and endless waiting for manual quotation:

The Visualized 3D Printing Cost Estimator!

  • 3D-Viewer: See 360° degrees of your parts, multiple format supported(even colorful 3D model!): stl, obj, stp… Also zipped file with multiple 3D models is supported!
  • Volume Calculator: Instantly calculate the bounding box volume/actual volume/surface area of your 3D model!
  • Printing Cost Estimator: Estimate the printing cost of your part so you have a general concept of how much your model might cost (the estimated cost might vary a lot from official quotation, it’s only for reference)

Tired of waiting for official quote? Get yourself informed with cost estimator!

If you have any suggestions about the estimator, feel free to contact us 🙂


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