Surgeons in Nova Scotia Use 3D Printed Heart Model to Rehearse Complex Procedures AM Software

After the introduction by Ottawa Hospital of an integrated 3D printing facility Canadian health facilities continue to adopt 3D printing. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, a collaboration between pediatric cardiologist Dr. Robert Chen and cardiac radiologist Dr. Deborah Thompson has resulted in the first 3D printed heart model of congenital heart disease (CHD) from IWK radiology images. The model allows cardiac surgeons to rehearse surgical management of complex anatomy before entering the operating room.


Medical, Bioprinting and Dental 3D Printing Experts Show Off 3D Printing Applications at Maastricht Conferences 3D Printing Events

The series of 3D Printing conferences organized by Jakajima, that 3D Printing Business Directory and 3D Printing Media Network media partnered with this year, proved successful in attracting a very broad target of researchers, students, companies and enthusiasts form all over the world to explore the state of the art in medical, dental, pharmaceutical and biological 3D printing.


The Economist Kicks Off Era of Bioprinting for On-Demand Body Parts But You Should Keep Your Skin on For Now 3D Printing Processes

When the Economist, arguably one of the last mainstream media outlet to have never traded off quality for clicks, writes an article about 3D printing, things happen. It may not be The Economist itself that makes them happen but rather just the fact that the top British financial magazine knows exactly when is the right time to discuss a certain topic. Now it’s that time for bioprinting.


OssDsign Receives FDA 510k Clearance for Sale of 3D Printed Cranial Implants in the US 3D Printing Processes

  OssDsign AB, a Swedish designer, manufacturer and distributor of next generation 3D printed cranial implants as well as implants for facial reconstruction, today announced that it has received 510(k) clearance by the US FDA for marketing and sale of OSSDSIGN® Cranial PSI in the USA. Anders Lundqvist, CEO of OssDsign, said: “Receiving FDA clearance […]


3D Systems Expands Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) Service to Include Cranial Applications AM Software

Leading 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems has expanded its Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) service to include VSP Cranial for cranial and craniofacial procedures. VSP Cranial is 510(k) cleared for use in the operating room and enables surgeons to create a virtual pre-surgical plan that can be instrumented with sterilizable, patient-specific 3D printed anatomical models, guides and templates. The use of VSP Cranial on these complex and sensitive procedures enables doctors to plan around and become familiar with a patient’s specific anatomy, and is intended to facilitate the pre-surgical planning process as well as the transfer of that plan to the operating room. By supplying surgeons with informative digital tools and accurate 3D printed surgical guides, VSP Cranial is designed to help doctors deliver improved surgical outcomes.