Today we are making 3D printed Pasta alla Norma Food 3D Printing

Today we are making 3D printed Pasta alla Norma Food 3D Printing

Last month, I bought a box of 3D printed pasta, Spaghetto 3D, from BluRhapsody. I promised I would do an unboxing and cook a meal with it for VoxelMatters’ VM Focus on 3D printed foods this month. It took some time. I finally got down to it, with a modern, high-tech twist on one of my favorite dishes: Pasta alla Norma, one of the most traditional pasta dishes of the rich Sicilian culinary tradition.

Axtra3D’s Hybrid PhotoSynthesis delivers on scale, speed & resolution 3D Printer Hardware

It’s not every day we get to cover a new 3D printing technology. Companies release software upgrades and new hardware models, but a new technology on the market is something of a special event. That’s why we’re excited to be exploring a new additive technology developed by Axtra3D called Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS), said to “transcend the limits of SLA, DLP and LCD.”

3D Systems and Oerlikon partner to scale metal AM AM Industry

3D Systems and Oerlikon AM have entered a collaboration agreement to further scale metal additive manufacturing. Combining both organizations’ deep process and applications expertise with 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing platform and Oerlikon AM’s surface engineering capabilities will enable a faster path to market for applications in high-criticality industries such as semiconductor and aerospace.