What is the difference between lost wax and investment casting?

What is the difference between lost wax and investment casting?

Last modified: 2019-08-09
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It’s very thin line between investment castings and lost wax casting, “Investment Casting” is sometimes also called as “Lost Wax Casting”. We can differentiate with the process, if the investment casting done by wax pattern mold then it’s called lost wax casting.

  • In the Lost Wax Casting, wax patterns were made manually for each piece. While in Investment Casting metal were forming to produce high quality casting components.
  • Lost Wax Casting is mainly used for small parts such as jewellery casting or even fashion accessories. While Investment Casting is highly used to manufacture complex or critical parts.
  • In Lost Wax Casting only one pattern can be used to make numerous patterns even though the pattern is lost or melted. While other side through investment casting you can produce exact replica of desired casting.
  • In Lost Wax Casting manufacturer focuses on precise wax or mold design, while in Investment casting they focus on metal alloys like nickel alloy, copper alloy, cobalt based or super alloy.
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