Why we recommend you to upload multiple files in one request?

Last modified: May 28, 2019
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1. Every order will be packed and charged of shipping cost separately unless you choose the ‘combined shipping’ option.

2. The ‘combined shipping’ only applies to the orders that are before “packing” step, which means when the order production is ready, they cannot be combined with new orders.

3. Each added order for combined shipping will be charged $3 extra for package handling.

Dear FacFoxers,

We hate to say it, but after deliberation, we finally decide to start charging extra cost for combining shipment for multiple orders, due to the rapidly growing unpredictable combining shipment request, our packing department are encountering a big challenge and the fault rate of mishandling are increasing.

Here is why we will charge $3 for each added package to an existing order:

The manufacturing department has a fixed shipping schedule bond with shipping information, and the information is sent to the couier as soon as the order is created. We have to manually change the description, invoice and label of shipping and rewrite the whole schedule, sometimes we even have to change the courier and send it to another warehouse because the added order has exceed the weight/volume limit.

But hey, don’t worry, actually we have already showed you the way to get rid of this: You can always upload multiple files(even zipped folder) in one request, just click the “+” button in the bottom of the file list, you can add up to 5 rows. Even if you have 1,000 pcs, you can still compress them with WinRAR to make a zipped folder (in format of .zip/.rar/.7z) then you can upload it as a single file in one row.

How will multiple file upload in one order benefit you?

  1. Obviously, you can get rid of the $3 extra charge for combine shipment, along with the possible mishandling of your package.
  2. We have a minimum charge for each submitted order, for most of the material it’s $20, so if you put many pieces into one request, the threshold is easy to be exceeded, otherwise you have to pay $20 for order A and another $20 for order B, which can be combined in one request with the cost of $25.

We hope the explanation solved your doubt, and believe us, we are only doing the best for a better experience and better quality of your creation!

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