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How to Electroplate Plastic?

An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping

Everything You Need to Know About Urethane Casting

An Initial Guide to Ceramic 3D Printing

RTV Tooling & Cast Urethane: Bridging the Gap between Prototyping and High Volume Production

What’s The Difference between Hard Tooling Vs. Soft Tooling?

Guide for 3D Printing Plastic End-Use Parts

All You Should Know for CNC Plastic Machining

Enclosure Design Guide for 3D Printing

Desktop FDM Metal 3D Printer with SS316L Filament

Introduction and Cases of FacFox’s High-Precision Metal 3D Printing Service

Postprocess You Should Know for Metal 3D Printing

The Process, Pros&Cons of Urethane Casting

Metal 3D Printing vs Metal Casting

Bottom-Up vs Top-Down vs CLIP 3D Printing

How Does Sand Casting Benefit From 3D Printing?

6 Easy Steps to Calibrate The Extruder of Your 3D Printer

Electroplating vs Electroforming: What’s The Difference?

The Material, Process and Applications of 3D Foam Fabrication Technology

5 Common Problems Faced with Metal 3D printing – And How You Can Fix Them

All You Need to Know about Rotational Molding of Vinyl Plastisols

The Equipment and Materials Needed for Urethane Casting

The Design Guideline for Injection Molding

The Benefits & Limitations of Injection Molding, and its Common Applications

What is Injection Molding and How does it Work?

FacFox’s CNC Machining Service: Makes Metal & Plastic Prototypes and Production Parts

5 Innovative Industrial Applications of CNC Machining

Everything You Need to Know About CNC Machining

The Post-processing Especially for SLA Prints: Post-Curing with UV

Why using a 3D printing service could help your Kickstarter campaign?

Avoid These 6 Mistakes in Manufacturing

3D Printing Optimizes Your Storage and Supply Chain Management

Why Those Top Companies Use 3D Printing To Produce Spare Parts?

Some Essential Precautions Of Using 3D Printed Surgical Guide

7 Main Benefits 3D Printing Brings For Startup Companies

How The Industrial 3D Printers Work On Powder & Liquid, Metal & Plastic

How does 3D printing revolutionize traditional medical industry?

Why 3D Printed Architecture Model Has Gradually Taken The Place Of Traditional Handmade Ones?

How To Choose From 6 Types of 3D Printers

3 Tips Of Turning From 3D Printing To Injection Molding

SLA resin investment casting guide

How 3D Printing Fits Into Statuary Art Industry?

Combined With 3D Printing, Bronze Casting Breaks Its Border In Art Of Sculpture

5 Post-Processing Methods Of 3D Printed Figures You Must Know

Free 3D Printing STL: Reusable Face Mask Frame

Free 3D Printing STLs: Protective Goggles

Free 3D Printing STLs: Extension Connector Band for Masks

From 2.4 meter to 2μm, FacFox SLA 3D Printing Has Broken The Size Limit

BMF Developed MicroArch Solution For Industrial Short-run Use

6 Common Problems of Making Silicon Rubber Molds Through Urethane Casting

A Thorough Process of DLP Printed Fine Jewelry

SLA Printing: Costly for 3D Printing Company But Nice for Customers

How Can 3D Printing Help Your Toys Reborn?

How to avoid warping or curling during ABS printing?

Carbon fiber products: What are the main processing technology except urethane casting?

Why is 3D Printing a Great Tool for Architecture Model Making?

Q&A: Why there is a fixed position on objects that cannot be plated?

Surface Plating Techniques: Which one are you searching for?

Top 7 Things You Should Know About Metal 3D Printing

A Post-processing Guide for 3D Printed Figures & Models

One Common Failure for SLA: The Material Deformation

Cold Forge vs. Hot Forge vs. CNC machining: which is the best one for you?

Black Coating Comparison: E-Coating vs. Powder Coating vs. Black oxide vs. Anodic oxidation vs. Black Zinc Plating

Making Insoles Better with 3D Printing Service

One Common Failure for SLA: The Trapped Volume / The Cup Mouth Effect

XEV Headquarter Settles in Shanghai and Prepare for Orders of 7,000 Units

4 Main 3D Scanners’ Working Principle and 1 Application in Dentistry

10 Applications of 3D Printing in Dentistry

The Application of SLA Printing in Investment Casting

How 3D Printing direction/orientation affects strength?

Die Casting Process Types

KINGS Industrial SLA Resin 3D Printer

Are DMLS and SLM machines the same?

G-Code for CNC and FDM 3D Printing Programming

Metal Injection Service Molding Design Guide

PolyJet 3D Printing Service Whitepaper

Differences Between Metal Punching and Stamping

Rapid Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Solution

What is 3D Printing?

Mechanical 2D Drafting

Plastic Vacuum Forming

Plastic Twin Sheet Forming

Insert Molding

Metal To Plastic Conversion

Rotational Molding Design


Blow Molding Design

Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Molded-In Color Injection Molding

Assembly & Finishing

Custom Plastic Overmolding

Gas Assist Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Thermoforming

Stack Molds

DMLS and SLM Comparison

Tool & Die Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molding

Secondary Operations

Multi Jet Fusion vs SLS

3D Part Modelling Services

Plastic Rotational Molding

Plastic Blow Molding

What Does Resolution Mean in 3D Printing?

Volume Production


3D Printed Injection Mold With Polyjet Digital ABS

5 Reasons PolyJet is Perfect for Prototyping

PolyJet vs MultiJet Printing(MJP)

Technical certifications: How our 3D printing materials comply with them

Selecting The Right Method For Your Production

Plastic Pressure Forming

Prototype Development

Design And Engineering

Low-volume Production

Design For Manufacturing

Polyjet for injection molding

Injection Molding: Two Service Options Comparison

In-Mold Decorating+Labeling

How to get a 3D model for manufacturing?

Cutting Method Comparison

Polyjet Vs Multijet Printing(MJP)

Repair your 3D model errors with Magics

ColorJet Printing / PolyJet / Multi Jet Fusion comparison in full-color 3D printing

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