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  • Can I get refund/remake if my parts don’t fit?

    At FacFox, the quality of your parts is always on our top concern. There’re basically 2 conditions:

    1. The parts we manufactured has a larger tolerance than we claimed from the original design, that leads to a mismatch to your parts to assemble, in this situation, you are fully entitled to claim a remake/refund.
    2. Your 3D design is incorrectly designed and it didn’t match the assembly requirement in the first place, then we cannot give you remake/refund. However if the tolerance is also not qualified, then in this special case you can request a refund or remake according to the 1st situation.
  • What’s the price, leadtime and NDA procedure for manufacturing our design?
    1. Pricing: We have multiple materials available, the best way is to upload your file and get accurate quotation by instant pricing engine or manual review.
    2. Lead time: Time for manufacturing depends on the material/complexity of the model/total quantity, so please elaborate your project to get a better solution. For example, our fastest lead time for SLA resin printing service can be within 1 day, and also we have various shipping priority ranging from overnight express to over-month freight.
    3. You can get self-signed NDA by clicking this link.
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