Service Status Update During COVID-19 Epidemic

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Service Status Update During COVID-19 Epidemic

Currently COVID-19 has been effectively controlled in China, but there’re potential risks to spread in other countries. We hope you all take care and stay safe!

See our service status table below, it will be updated daily.

Last Updated (2020-03-10)

Available    Unavailable    Low Availability (With extended lead time)

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SLA 3D Printing
SLA Generic Resin SD SLA Frosted Clear Resin
SLA Generic Resin HD SLA Clear Resin
SLA Black Tough Resin SLA Bio-clear Resin
SLA Tough Resin SLA High-temp Resin
SLA ABS-like Resin DLP Castable Resin
SLA PP-like Resin DLP Ultra HD Resin
DLP Flexible Resin SLA Flexible Resin
SLS/MJF 3D Printing
SLS Nylon PA 12 MJF Nylon PA 12
SLS Nylon PA 12 Glassfilled MJF Nylon PA 12 GlassBeads
SLS TPU Rubber MJF Nylon PA 11
SLM/DMLS Metal 3D printing
DMLS Stainless Steel 316L DMLS Bronze
DMLS Maraging Steel DMLS Inconel 625
DMLS Titanium DMLS Inconel 718
DMLS Aluminum DMLS Stainless Steel 17-4 PH
DMLS Cobalt Chrome
PolyJet 3D Printing
FDM 3D Printing
Material Jetting 3D printing
CNC Machining
Urethane Casting
Sheet Fabrication
Injection Molding
Metal Casting
Metal Injection Molding
3D Scanning
Post-processing(Painting, plating etc)


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