Facebook Page Name Change Announcement

Facebook Page Name Change Announcement

Dear FacFoxers,

We are going to change our official Facebook page name from “Makeit Technology” to “FacFox – Makeit Technology” in the future. Makeit Technology was our company alias, but it’s not a good representation of our service and platform, so for a better branding and unified identification purpose, we hereby announce the name change.

We have filed request for name change to facebook group, and in the future you can find our page by simply search “FacFox” in facebook. We are dedicated to provide stable, trustworthy on-demand manufacturing service as always. Feel free to reach us via facebook, instagram, email and any channel we put on our website 🥰

You can like our facebook page on the right by clicking the 👍 button, so you’ll get our newest deals, discounts and event notification lively!

Take care and stay safe!

FacFox Team

Makeit Technology

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Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology23 hours ago
The 0.8-meter high giant matryoshka doll model is made with SLA 3D printing technology and then electroplated with a copper coating. SLA technology can achieve very good accuracy, surface finishes, and details.
see more:https://buff.ly/2RquUma

#3dprinting #plating #coating #russiandoll #resinprinting
Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology2 days ago
Chemical plants are hard to model because they are so massive. The overhang guard bars, staircases, and grid floors are relatively easier to be made by resin 3D printing, but it also costs much in post-processing as the surface needs to be filed by hand. https://buff.ly/33v3uRR

#3dprinting #3dprinter #resinprinting #industrial #model #plant #3dmodel
Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology3 days ago
Landform model of Mount St. Helens with an industrial concrete 3D printer. The mountain model, with a volume of 1000 * 1000 * 600 mm, weighed 439kg. An adult can even stand on the model. See more:https://buff.ly/3kgMAgC

#3dprinting #model #3dprinter #concrete #3dprinted #mountain
Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology4 days ago
A white wine company designed a creative auto wine serving machine. The wine comes from the bottom of the lady shaped bottles and would be drained to the cup after clicking the screen. Prototypes are #3Dprinted for design verifying: https://buff.ly/2FiRNG4

#design #3dmodel #wine #3dprinting #creative #3ddesign
Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology5 days ago
3D scanning, reverse engineering, and 3D printing have been essential to restoring parts for classic cars since these replacement parts are no longer manufactured. https://buff.ly/2F5bMaZ

#3dscan #3dmodel #3dprint #reverseengineering #autorepair #retro
Makeit Technology
Makeit Technology6 days ago
An artist depicted her dream alicorn on paper and then cooperated with us to make it a 3D model, then a solid statue on desktop. https://buff.ly/3lTkIRv

#3dprint #3ddesign #3dmodel #unicorn #pegasus #alicorn #pegacorn #toy #tabletop #minis
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